Disability Advocacy Review

Your opportunity to let the NSW Government know how important disability advocacy services are!

All advocacy services throughout NSW will be de-funded and close after 30 June 2020 if the NSW Government does not change its decision.  Closure of the advocacy services will affect you the most.

Please open the link to read your invitation from Robert Fitzgerald, Commissioner for Ageing and Disability NSW, to participate in a review of disability advocacy services in NSW.   The Commissioner is keen to hear your thoughts and ideas.  I urge you to participate if you can.  Advocacy services have been vital to people with disabilities and carers. NDIS will not assist everyone or assist on all areas of your life.


PATH representatives will be there, but our message would be far more powerful if people with disabilities and carers who have benefitted from services provided by advocacy services like PATH also speak out.


If you are interested in attending please RSVP via this link https://www.regodirect.com.au/disabilityadvocacymetro/
If you are unable to attend you can access an issue paper here https://www.ageingdisabilitycommission.nsw.gov.au/news/events-and-consultations


If you would like help with registration or with the issue paper please feel free to contact PATH on (02) 4721 0866