As a customer of PATH:

  • You will be treated with dignity and respect. This includes respect for your lifestyle, cultural, linguistic and religious background and preferences.
  • Your privacy will be respected. Any information you give us will be kept safe and given to others only with your permission.
  • At any time, you may revoke your permission regarding release of information.
  • You will be given information in a way that suits you.
  • You are in charge of decisions made.
  • You may choose a person to speak on your behalf for any purpose.
  • You have the right to give feedback and to complain about services you receive from PATH. If you want to complain, you will be given help to do this.


As a customer of PATH — we ask you to:

  • Respect the rights of PATH staff and volunteers, and other customers of PATH.
  • Help to ensure PATH is safe and healthy and free from harassment.
  • Provide sufficient and accurate information to PATH staff so that PATH is able to meet your needs.
  • Do your best to attend appointments made. If you are unable to keep an appointment, you will if possible advise PATH of this before the appointment.
  • Return borrowed books and equipment by the due date and in good condition.
  • Provide PATH with feedback about the services you receive.