PATH was established by the parents of children with disabilities in 1981 as a community-based information and advocacy service to people with disabilities and their families and carers.  PATH is funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services/Ageing, Disability and Home Care.


What does PATH do?

  • PATH is a support, information and advocacy service.
  • We aim to be of service to anyone who has a disability, of any age, as well as to their families, carers and friends.


PATH aims to:

  • Promote the inclusion and meaningful participation of people with disability in their local communities
  • Help create a community where people are treated with respect, afforded justice and appreciated for their individual gifts and talents
  • Represent, lobby for and raise awareness of the rights, interests and welfare of people with disabilities.


PATH’S principles:

  • Services provided to consumers are consumer centred.
  • Services provided are based on the consumer’s informed decision-making and right of choice.
  • PATH supports the ongoing relationships between people with disability and their families and carers, and with their local community.
  • PATH seeks to continually improve our services by being responsive to consumer feedback.  We welcome your feedback!